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To make our children life-ready, Life Skills play a critical role beyond the academic learning of Mathematics, Science & Arts. While these subjects are the source of knowledge, Life Skills such as Thinking Skills, Emotional Skills and Social Skills help in application of this acquired knowledge in real life.

Hurray Kids is an educational venture born with the mission to educate our children from 2-10 years on Life Skills in a simple & joyful manner by partnering with parents & schools. Early learning orients the child to be emotionally balanced, socially adaptable and to think & decide independently.

Hurray Kids follows World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended Life Skills framework for product design. These products are Life Skills Orientation kit, Life Skills Worksheets and Life Skills Curriculum for preschools.

Hurray Kids is making an honest attempt to shape core of children through their programme. Keep it up.

-Sumita Jain

Hurray kids is a very innovative way of learning for age group 2- 10 yrs. It enables the child to learn life skills which are the skills necessary in day to day living. Its learning augments various skills in a child which otherwise might not be explored and sometimes remain hidden. It teaches the child to become responsible, compassionate, self-dependent and disciplined thereby preparing the child to face the world in day today life situations. We are very lucky to get introduced to such a concept for our children. Not only as a Paediatrician but also as a father of a 3 yr old, I would strongly recommend parents to initiate Hurray Kids as early as possible to bring out the Star in your child.

-Dr Abhijit Salve
Consultant Paediatrician and Neonatologist,
Director, Siddhant Children's Hospital, Mumbai

I have tried all the cards with my 10 yr old daughter over the last four months. I have observed noticeable changes in the way she handles her friends and family now. There is also a major shift in her critical thinking skills. She looks into many permutations and combinations before arriving at a decision. I would recommend the parents to start using these cards. A few minutes spent with the child in using these cards will strengthen the parent-child bond in addition to the Life Skills that would be incorporated through these cards.

Thank you Hurray Kids! Keep going!

-Sapna Pothula
Founder, Fourth Wall Academy, Bangalore

Hurray Kids is an extraordinary initiative which is a perfect solution for parents to teach life skills to their kids.
In today's electronic world, as much as we would like our children to possess the basic life skills, we don't have the tools and methodology to imbibe them proactively. The Hurray Kids cards interactively explain the reality of these skills to the child in a way they can easily understand.

-Kavita Jesrani Pandya
Chief Curator at Kart by Moms, Mumbai

Absolutely essential cards to develop skills which many of us forget to develop in today's times! If we need to prepare our children for 2030 along with technology we need to make them empathetic, confident and mentally secure. These cards do exactly that in a very simple but effective way.

-Pooja Baid
Interior designer, Mumbai