"The parent-child relationship is qualitatively different than all of our other relationships." - Neil Farber

We are sure your 2019 planner is already on a roll and as parents, you may have set some goals to achieve this year. Taking inspiration from Mr Farber, here are some simple parenting tips that will add meaning and value to your parenting.

Teach life skills

As parents, the best gift we can give our children is to be able to live a fulfilling life. This is why, it is utmost important that we consider life skills as an important part of their learning. Our kids learn at a rapid pace – both good and bad. Life skills education helps them in understanding the difference between the two and how to make a wise choice, always. So this year, let your parenting goals have the list of life skills to be taught to your kids. Why don’t you begin your life skills journey with us?

Have conversations with your children

Our kids love talking (and quite a lot!). They can talk for hours, if given a chance. But let's shape their talking into conversations. To make this happen, ask them questions every now and then, engage them in specific topics like – colouring, soccer, their favourite shows, etc. When the kids are asked about their preferences, they feel a part of the conversation. Another way to have a conversation is paying attention while they are talking. At times, kids will not make sense, in which case, gently let them know and divert them towards making a meaningful conversation. Check out our orientation kits to make your conversations fun!

"Treat a child as though he already is the person he is capable of becoming." - Haim Ginott

Take up an activity together

As Mr Ginott suggests, let's treat our kids as individuals and join them in learning while growing up. One of the ways of doing this is to take up activities together like taking a stroll after dinner or joining a dance workshop, Studies suggest these activities help in deepening parents’ bond with their kids. To make your parent-kid time fun, even we have something very exciting in our kit for you. Get exploring now!

Have family meals together

To boost kids’ self-esteem, it is very important for them to feel comforted. The experience of what togetherness is and how one can depend on each other comes from their families. The simplest way to make this happen for the kids is by having a meal together. The habit of sharing a meal together, conversing with each other and having a good time, subconsciously helps the kids in feeling secured and happy.

Emphasise on discipline and routine

This year, let’s prioritize on setting a consistent routine for kids, what say? Psychologists suggest that disciplining children benefits in their physical and mental growth. When you choose to form a routine for them, involve your children in it. This instils a sense of responsibility in them too.

"To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today." – Barbara Johnson

Lastly, as Ms Johnson says, play an active role in your child’s life in whichever way you can. Do you have more ways in which you live positive parenting? Share them with us in the comments.