Do you remember the excitement we had during summer vacations? Playing for hours, helping mum at home, visiting dear ones or having play dates at home. There were so many ways to spend the vacation that when they ended, our faces would sadden. Today these memories make us nostalgic, don’t they? Sigh! But worry not, we can still create such memories with our children, only this time through parenting.

For this summer vacation, we have got some fun and interactive for you to bond with your children. And guess what? You will also teach them life skills through these activities. Sounds fun, right? Let’s use these parenting tips and leave our children with memories to cherish in the future.

Nurture Independence

Ask them to make their bed. Also, you can teach them to make their own milk and breakfast or clear their cupboards. Through life skills education, you can find numerous homely ways in which your child can learn and be independent.

Better Social Behaviour

Right from wishing a pleasant morning, to sharing day to day stories, get more interactive with your children. Sometimes, sharing your childhood stories can help them connect with you better. Through this, they also learn a happy social child behavior.

Effective Solutions to problems

What shall we do if mum has to go out and a stranger visits home? Or how can we help our elderly neighbours if they are alone? These are some real life situations that need an instant solution. Prepare your kids for them through discussions on solutions. This will open their minds to finding solutions to real-life problems.


Children learn to be aware of self with life skills. How to note one’s own behaviour, what is acceptable, what is not?—vacations are the best time to discuss these with them. Help them in sharpening their judgement about people around them and the decision of whom they should accompany

Manage Time

An excellent way to help them learn and manage time is to give them time-specific tasks. There are fun ways in which the kid can learn to manage their time – like keeping a log of their time spent on playing, studying or using gadgets. This will help them manage time and also increase their focus during the time spent on activities.

Be Compassionate

Through life skills education, kids can learn to appreciate what they have and share it with others. Encourage them to volunteer in simple social causes or take them with you if you are volunteering. This sows the seeds of compassion in them towards others.

Bonding with family

The most rewarding joy of parenting is to keep creating memories with your children. Their upbringing is complete by their spend time with you. So, create your favourite movie list, play indoor games or take evening walks together, spend as much time with them as possible.

Through life skills education, let’s make this summer vacation cool and make happy memories with children.