“When can we go back to school?” This has been a burning question for children lately. Embracing the new way of life has been tough for children. However, there have also been many reasons for them to enjoy this phase – like being home with family and connecting with them.

Opening of wide range of possibilities

Every child is special. They love different extra-curricular activities. Earlier, coming together in one place for such workshops and activities was necessary. But now, with Virtual Schooling, children have many options to choose their favourite workshops and make the most of their hobbies.

Login from anywhere

Thanks to virtual schooling, we no longer need to commute or wait for space availability. The students can login from wherever they are. This also gives them exposure to more activities and flexibility to manage time. All they need is a laptop and internet connection.

Deeper bonding with friends

We agree that meeting friends personally is way better than connecting virtually. However, these times have showed us that friendships have grown deeper as children have realised how important their friends are in their life. Their interactions have grown from fun to compassionate and care due to COVID-19.

Did you know: As per World Economic Forum, the COVID-19 has resulted in schools shut all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom.

Teachers are also learning new ways of interaction

Surely it’s not been easy for the teachers to hold up their students’ attention. However, they are also making the most of virtual schooling and creating new ways of teaching. Use of emails, whatsapp groups and pdfs has become a part of the new way of teaching.

More time to connect with parents and dear ones

With virtual schooling, children get more focused time to be with their parents. There are multiple assignments that children get to do with their parents and this helps them in have a better bond with their parents. Just like how a coin has two sides, virtual schooling also has some limitations.

Disturbed internet connection

At times, children are not able to learn concepts due to poor or no internet connection. This is followed by hassles like finding out what they missed, taking parents’ assistance to know how it can be resolved and more.

Prolonged screen time

One of the most concerning challenge of virtual schooling has been the prolonged screen time for children. While both schools and parents are trying to find a balanced way to approach this, there’s no doubt that prolonged screen time causes mental exhaustion and problems related to vision, body posture and sleep disorder.

Over the past months, all of us have evolved technologically. We’ve skilfully adapted to the virtual way of life. Now, all we need is awareness to ensure we optimise its use and avoid the addiction.