Robots, self-driven cars, space balloons, Pleistocene park and more—welcome to the future!

The new discoveries and development in technology are leading us towards the era of Artificial Intelligence. It will be an age where most of the work will be machine-based with minimal or no manual intervention.

As a parent, are you excited about the future? Or have you been busy in simply catching up with the pace at which present parenting is evolving? If so, we’ve got some insights into what challenges might grow in the future for our children.

Let’s have a peek into a probable future.

“I can, but I won’t.” – Garfield. These words, when quoted by an adorable cartoon character, sound funny. However, it might become the lifestyle statement of the future. The advancement in the field of Artificial Intelligence will surely transform lives. Along with that, will come challenges like lesser or no use of personal thinking and acting capabilities. As a result, people may turn absolutely lazy, harm their bodies and invite physical illnesses.

“TV’s my life.” – Home Alone. This expression from one of the all-time favourite Christmas movies’ has already become our reality. In fact, it is a big challenge that parents are facing today. Video games instead of physical games, Netflix replacing personal connect – children today bond differently. Can you guess how low one’s social skills would be if this becomes their way of life?

“I’m just always confused.” – Her. Imagine sharing most of your life with machines. This is going to be future’s most promising gift. But as humans it is innate for us for us to connect with others. It defines us. Many researches have proven that connecting with friends also boosts one’s brain health. When we live with machines, there will be lack of interaction. This may cause expressing one’s point to others highly challenging. Result - One may feel unhappy, not only about others but also about themselves, leaving them confused and isolated.

“You can’t focus on what’s going wrong. There’s always a way to turn things around.” –Joy, Inside Out. Though these likely challenges seem daunting for us as parents, there is always a way in which we can prepare our kids for the future –life skills education. Today, a lot of preschools are thoughtfully designing their curriculums and emphasise on learning life skills along academic subjects. Are you one of them? Then, we’ve got the perfect curriculums for you