Life Skills Worksheets

The 3 life skills of Creative Thinking, Effective Communication and Managing Emotions have been simplified in form of simple exercises for children

Life Skills Worksheets

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  • These worksheets are for developing 3 life skills: Creative Thinking, Effective Communication and Managing Emotions.
  • Each skill has 5 worksheets; a total of 15 worksheets.
  • A4 sheets full of illustrations.
  • A handy tool for parents to expose their children on Life Skills in a fun way.


  • Children will get exposed to life skills at an early stage.
  • The simple exercises given in a fun and interesting way will enhance the creative thinking, communication and managing emotions skills of the child.

How to Use

  • Guide child by explaining the questions, encouraging to answer and generating conversation.
  • Use 1 to 2 worksheets a day.

Detailed guidelines for use are provided with each set of worksheets.


Hurray kids is a very innovative way of learning for age group 2- 10 yrs. It enables the child to learn life skills which are the skills necessary in day to day living. Its learning augments various skills in a child which otherwise might not be explored and sometimes remain hidden.

It teaches the child to become responsible, compassionate, self-dependent and disciplined thereby preparing the child to face the world in day today life situations. We are very lucky to get introduced to such a concept for our children.